Material circularity

Are you looking into ways on how you could convert your waste-streams to wealth, or simply save on costs of waste disposal? Or perhaps you are looking for ways to reuse certain products by introducing clean-up or upgrading steps.

Sooner or later you will come across a question that can be solved only in a lab. Spark904 is developing several ingredient analysis methods to scan the organic & inorganic components of waste streams for feasibility studies on recycling and/ or upcycling. We are a technical consultancy company with  the capacity to also perform real research and development work for you. We don’t just give advise, we also implement it and deliver you results!

Some of the projects we have worked on include wastes from the coffee industry (both spent coffee and coffee cherries), refining industry wastes and various polymer wastes. We have the experience, technical expertise, know-how and the facilities to perform research and development work for you on these topics.