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Bringing chemistry to wherever it’s needed, that’s the motto of Spark904. Spark904 is a technical consultancy firm in the field of sustainability, material circularity & drug development. At Spark904 we help you accelerate your research and development activities by performing R&D projects and giving research advice. We host a wide range of lab & analytical capacities to design & perform R&D work for your projects.


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Spark904’s team consists of technically educated individuals with diverse skills sets and a passion for chemistry and its applications

Dr. Monalisa
Goswami, Director
Drs. Ana
Lužaić, Key Account Manager
Drs. Michael
Doppert, Researcher
Farah El Bouchahati, Lab Associate
Tom Groen, research intern
Tromp, M. Sc. Lab Analyst
Zuidinga, Lead Mass Spectrometry


All our consultants and subject-matter experts and academic researchers who actively take part in our projects.

Prof. Dr. Bas de Bruin (organometallic chemistry)
Prof. Dr. Jan van Maarseveen (organic synthesis & small molecules)
Dr. Stefania Grecea (materials & sensors)
Prof. Dr. Joost N.H. Reek (catalysis & energy)
Prof. Dr. Wybren Jan Buma (spectroscopy)

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