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We are a team of technically educated individuals with a passion for chemistry and its applications in our society.

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People at

Meet the people at Spark904. We are a team of technically educated individuals with great communication skills and a service-oriented attitude. We come from diverse cultural backgrounds and all team members bring their own flavours to the projects.

Drs. Michael
Doppert, Operational Director
Drs. Mike
Hopman, Researcher
Elli Tsakoniati BSc., Researcher
Drs. Ana
Lužaić, Technical Consultant
Ludovic Portier, Research Intern
Perry Blommaart, Research Intern
Dr. Stefania Grecea, Senior Consultant, Functional Materials
Prof. Dr. Bas de Bruin, Senior Consultant, metals & catalysis
Prof. Dr. Jan van Maarseveen, Senior Consultant, organic chemistry
Prof. Dr. Joost Reek, Senior Consultant, Energy & Catalysis
Prof. Dr. Wybren Jan Buma, Senior Consultant, Spectroscopy
Tromp, MSc., Lab Analyst
Zuidinga, Lead Mass Spectrometry

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