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We develop and assess chemical technologies that accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

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Working with Spark904 accelerated our learning process about the technique we are developing and we see how they can help many other companies in the future. We will definitely come back to make use of Spark904' s services again.
client from
bio-based industry
Spark904' s capabilities are a valuable asset for many companies, especially for start-ups to medium sized one. Many of such high-end analytical devices aren’t needed daily, but having access definitely facilitates R&D work overall.
client from
the oil industry
I have in the past struggled to find a supplier for specific non-standard chemical analyses, and a company like Spark904 certainly helps. Spark904 not only provides on-demand analytical jobs, but also assist in finding the right solutions for R&D questions.
client from
pharmaceutical industry
We see the value that Spark904 brings to start-ups like us that don't have the capital to own analysis apparatus but do need to perform detail analysis. By making the connection with the University and Innovators a broader conversation about innovation and idea sharing will also start.
client from
bio-based industry
Searching for the right analysis and tools is quite a challenge, therefore we are happy to work with Monalisa (Spark904).
client from
formulations industry
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