Dedicated R&D projects

Spark904 performs R&D projects for industrial partners with durations of 3-12 months. See the section project highlights for some examples. In these projects we apply the power of multiple analytical techniques, knowledge-based hypothesis & smart experimentation to solve R&D problems.

Not just R&D problems, sometimes we perform projects to help companies innovate quickly, due to regulatory or compliance issues, or because they want to create value from a waste stream or because they want to gain fundamental understanding of a process that they already deploy.  Such R&D projects typically involve:

  • project scoping,
  • desk research,
  • design of experiments, description of methodologies and techniques,
  • experimental rounds,
  • assessments with go-no-go moments.

Our dedicated R&D services provide you an all inclusive deal where the following are included:

  • All laboratory work related costs
  • Senior consultants
  • Use of all relevant research facilities
  • Regular meetings, Project data and results reporting

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